Monday, November 1, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Recap

Thanks everyone for coming and making this 7th Annual event the best one ever. We had about the same number of adults, but more kids, and a better raffle, so a success was had. Thanks!!!

Pics are of course below provided by Kathleen. Check them out.

I really enjoy putting this event on, and am very excited to start searching for next years clues. I must say though when the event is in motion I get super anxious. I worry like crazy about sabatoge, so when it happened this year I felt crushed. However when I heard from all participants that it was no big deal, well, yes, I felt better, but still not perfect. But yes a great time was had so again thank you.

Below is a description of the fun that was had by Cherish, an El Grupo member in the waiting/making:

Hi, my name is Cherish and I'm 10 years old. My older brother, Nathan, and my older sister, Emily, are members of El Grupo. They have lots of fun biking all over Tucson. This Saturday I got to bike too. El Grupo had an event called the Headless Hunt, where you bike around and look for puzzle pieces hidden near downtown Tucson.

My mom and I decided to be a team this year. We made a good team. My mom and I would read the clues that were given to us, and then she would lead us to the general area where the puzzle pieces could be found. Next I would look around, find the box with the pieces and pull out the two pieces with our number. There were 12 places where we had to bike to. There were clues like find the large lizard sculpture, Tucson's greatest tree and the clock on the rock.

The street names near these locations were also given and that was my mom's job to get us there. It was much easier and more fun to do on a bike than it would have been trying to do it in a car. The slow pace gave us a chance to look at cool sculptures, architecture and other interesting things that we usually just drive by in a car without really seeing.

It was fun! I can't wait until next year's hunt.

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Kathleen said...

Cherish, you summed it up perfect! I could picture you and your mom on your adventure together!